KeyFlexor with XDefiant

Controller Aim Assist on M&K

Use in XDefiant a virtual Controller and get the Controller Aim Assist on Mouse and Keyboard

Controller Benefits

Get the Controller benefits on Mouse and Keyboard

With KeyFlexor easily get the Aim Assist benefits from the controller to your mouse and keyboard.

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Other Supported Games


KeyFlexor Remap Software

KeyFlexor is easy to install and use. In few steps enable the virtual controller and get the aim assist benefit on Mouse and Keyboard.




Read to use Configs
Simple Tutorial

Simple tutorial about KeyFlexor and XDefiant Controller Aim Assist on MnK


Purchase KeyFlexor and receive your License key


Install the KeyFlexor Remap Application to your PC


Open KeyFlexor choose your game and config


Open Game and enjoy controller aim assist benefit on Mnk.

Aim Assist
Get the Aim Assist feature from the Controller to your Mouse and Keyboard.
Effortless Targeting
Experience effortless targeting with KeyFlexor and enjoy a new level of gameplay.
Ready Configs
Instantly select your game in KeyFlexor and choose your settings.
Easy to Use
With just a few clicks in KeyFlexor, you’ll be ready to go!
Undetected & Secure
KeyFlexor is undetected and secure to use, working flawlessly in any game.
Consistent Performance
Enjoy a reliable and steady gaming experience, with fewer missed shots and opportunities.
With KeyFlexor, you can easily customize your buttons and settings.
Affordable Price
At KeyFlexor, our aim is to provide the best product at an affordable price.
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Elevate Your XDefiant Gameplay with KeyFlexor

XDefiant, the latest sensation that combines intense, dynamic combat with strategic team play, has redefined the competitive shooter genre. With KeyFlexor, enhance your XDefiant experience by seamlessly remapping controller inputs to your mouse and keyboard. This integration not only sharpens your combat skills but also improves your reaction time, making every action—from precision shooting to executing team strategies—more precise and responsive.

KeyFlexor: Your Strategic Edge in XDefiant

Leverage KeyFlexor’s superior remapping capabilities to gain a strategic advantage in XDefiant. Aim assist features, customizable control schemes, and compatibility with a wide range of hardware set KeyFlexor apart as the ultimate tool for both casual players and competitive gamers.

Why KeyFlexor is Essential for XDefiant Players

  • Precision Aim Assist: Fine-tune your shooting skills with KeyFlexor’s aim assist, ensuring you land those critical shots.
  • Customizable Controls: Tailor your keyboard and mouse for optimal performance, aligning with your unique playstyle.
  • Broad Compatibility: KeyFlexor flawlessly works with XDefiant on Windows 10 and Windows 11, supporting any mouse, keyboard, and system setup.
  • Instant Configuration: Dive into the game with pre-configured settings designed for XDefiant, allowing you to focus on strategy and gameplay right away.

Transform Your XDefiant Experience

In XDefiant, where quick reflexes and strategic insight can turn the tide of battle, KeyFlexor equips you with the tools for success. Whether dominating opponents in solo matches or coordinating with your team for victory, KeyFlexor enhances every element of play.

Achieve Victory in XDefiant with KeyFlexor

KeyFlexor invites you to redefine your XDefiant gameplay, breaking free from the constraints of standard controls. Adopt advanced remapping to unlock unparalleled levels of precision and strategy. Whether engaging in high-stakes combat or executing complex team maneuvers, KeyFlexor is the key to unlocking your full potential and climbing the ranks.

Join the legion of XDefiant champions who have already upgraded their gameplay with KeyFlexor. Explore our platform for easy setup, enjoy continuous updates, and select from various payment options to get started. With KeyFlexor, every match is an opportunity to excel, innovate, and achieve gaming greatness.

Payment Methods

There is NO Subscription. After your License Expired you need to purchase again. We are Providing Multiply Payment Methods with the most popular Payment System Stripe.

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Available Payment Methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Unionpay, Discover, Diners Club, Google Pay, Apple Pay, EPS, Cash App Pay, AliPay, iDEAL, Giropay, Przelewy24, Klarna, Afterpay, Clearpay, Bancontact.

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